Netting has the following advantages:
– Single mesh instead of double can now be used in larger cod ends
– Smaller twine can be used in existing trawls so greater towing speed can be achieved. – Lower fuel consumption.
– Much more economical than knotless netting material and only slightly higher than standard Euroline® netting.
– Clean fishing, easy handling and good knot stability.
– Good abrasive resistance and stable elongation.

Bottom Trawl Applications This is a significant aspect where there is a big advantage in using Euroline Premium® Netting:
– Smaller diameter twines with the same breaking strength can be used

Mid Water Trawl Applications Euroline Premium® Netting is made with filaments that are stronger than nylon fibers. Euroline Premium® Netting provides characteristics very suitable for mid water trawl applications:
– Good Elongation – Good shock absorption
– Good stretch recovery
– High strength, high abrasion resistance Euroline Premium® is a polyethylene netting which, in addition to its strength and abrasion resistance, offers a clean fishing like all the polyethylene materials