Lifting & Offshore
  • Spooling, socketing & rigging
  • Swaging up to 60mm
  • LEEA Qualified Lifting Equipment Examiners
  • Lifting machine inspections
  • Lifting equipment management
  • Magnetic Rope Testing
  • Vessel Brokerage Services
  • 200t in house 19m TEST BED
– Non-Destructive Testing:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection; Eddy Current; Ultra Sonics (UT and Flaw); Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Visual Inspections
  • Rope Access
  • Dropped Object Surveys; Bolt Torqueing; Painting and Maintenance; Construction
  • Hand-splicing of fibre and steel wire ropes
  • Mechanical splicing of steel wire ropes
  • Hand-splicing of Malletas
  • Design, manufacture and repair of trawls
  • Design and manufacture of Rockhopper Rigs
  • Design and manufacture of Escapement Devices in trawls
  • Design and manufacture of specialised and customised fishing equipment
  • Manufacture of sweeps, bridles and other rigging wires
  • Manufacture of safety and cargo nets
  • Wire rope handling services
  • Trawl consulting services
  • Manufacture of pilot ladders
  • Lifting and towing equipment inspection services