Blocks must be ordered with one of the following:

1   Ball bearing; KT1, KT2 sealed ball bearings; KT3, KT4, KT6 greaseable ball bearings.

0   Bronze bushing; All bronze bushing are greaseable.

On order add number, e.g. KT2-1.

And one of the following:

E   Swivel eye.

K   Swivel hook. If the block is used with hook as suspension, the WLL is reduced with 50%.

F   Swivel fork, KT4, KT6.

S   Swivel shackle eye, KT4, KT6.

G   Galvanised is the standard finish.

On order add letter, e.g. KT2-1EG.

Against extra charge all blocks are available with:

B   Becket.

C   Tested with certificate.

H   Flame hardened sheave.

On order add letter, e.g. KT2-1EGC.

Individual sheaves, bushing and pins can be ordered.


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