– Lankoforce® netting is made from DSM Dyneema® fiber (Ultra High Molecular weight polyethylene). This netting is five times stronger than normal polyethylene and four than polyamide.
– It has a very low elongation of around 5% and a very good ratio diameter versus strength.
– Lankoforce® netting is impregnated with a special yellow solution to improve the performance and longevity of the netting.
– It can be supplied in double or single knot on sizes 1,0mm and 1,5mm and in single knot from 2,0mm and above.
– Some comparisons on tenacity towards other fibers:
-Dyneema® SK 65 (HPPE) – 34 g/den
-Spectra 1000 (HPPE) – 33 g/den
-Euroline Premium Plus® – 11,5 g/den
-Euroline Premium® – 9,5 g/den
-Nylon – 8,5 g/den   -Polyester – 8,5 g/den
-Euroline® – 7,5 g/den
-Polyethylene – 6 g/den


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